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Proposal Cover Sheet Proposal Instructions Grant Guidelines

How to Apply and Prepare a Full Grant Proposal

An eligible proposal has four main sections:

  • Cover Data Sheet - General information about the applicant organization and the proposed program or project
  • Context and Project Description - Context and description of the proposed work as well as anticipated outputs and outcomes
  • Financial Information - Detailed budget information for the proposed work
  • Required Attachments - Required documents necessary for the Foundation to review your request

Please Review The Following Notes/Instructions Before Submitting Your Proposal:

  • Proposals are NOT ACCEPTED ELECTRONICALLY - we only accept proposals via US Mail
  • Proposals received without the required documents will be rejected
  • Eight (8) complete copies of the proposal must be submitted to the Foundation
  • The proposal cover sheet must be completed and submitted with the proposal
  • A list of the organizations board of directors list must be included with the proposal
  • Please review the checklist before submitting proposals - the Foundation will not contact you if all the required documents are not received with your proposal
  • A copy of the organizations latest audited financial statement or organizational budget must be submitted with proposal
  • Please maintain headings and keep information in the same order
  • Please use only white paper
  • Do not use binders, plastic covers or other elaborate packaging

Proposal Deadlines:

  • Deadlines are April 1st and October 1st
  • Proposals must be received by 3pm EST
  • If deadlines fall on a weekend, proposals are due on the first business day following the deadline date.

Mail Completed Proposals to:

Alston-Beech Foundation
1510 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Attn: Christine Brown

Alston-Beech Foundation Grant Application

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