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As a demonstration of its capabilities and achievements, Beech Interplex offers the following summary of its activities since 1990:

Beech History

Beech Consortium

Beech Consortium List

  • Formed the Consortium of Cecil B. Moore Organizations, which consists of 50 agencies/organizations that meet regularly to provide progress reports of revitalization activities & to coordinate inter-organizational improvement functions
  • Established & manage a small business loan fund
  • Put in place follow-up services on the community, family & individual levels that will serve to prevent regression once improvements are achieved
  • Established a working relationship with the City of Philadelphia's neighborhood services agencies to target & guide their activities in the Cecil B. Moore community
  • Financial contributions to the revitalization of the Cecil B. Moore area & other communities in North Central Philadelphia exceeding $25 million, which provided $1 billion in leveraged funds for the North Central Philadelphia community
  • Initial implementation of small improvement projects designed to have an immediate impact on the community while planning the over-all improvement process & projects

About Beech Interplex

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