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Beech Interplex's Mission

Revitalization Begins with a Collective Push Towards the Future

The Beech Corporation's mission is to spearhead the revitalization of the Cecil B. Moore community, a 26 square block area in North Central Philadelphia. Community revitalization began with the coordination of the efforts and services of organizations, financial participation in projects, the leveraging of funds and through the monitoring and facilitating of appropriate adjustments in the improvement process.

The William Penn Foundation, in 1990, recognizing the need to demonstrate the effectiveness of private and public partnerships in improving inner-city neighborhoods, established the Beech Corporation, now known as Beech Interplex, Inc, as a part of its North Philadelphia Initiative.

Beech's programs focus on a holistic approach to community development. This approach includes empowering residents by promoting homeownership and rental opportunities through rehabilitation and new construction; education; job placement; economic development; human services; and the beautification of open spaces.

The premises that guided Beech's initial operations were:

  • Establishment of a physical presence in the Cecil B. Moore area by locating its office in the community
  • Implementation of mechanisms to expedite improvement as opposed to adding another bureaucratic layer
  • Enhancing communication & cooperation between the community, private & public organizations
  • Accurate assessment of community needs & addressing these needs in the revitalization efforts
  • Incorporation of planning visions with urban realities
  • Institutionalization of services to ensure continued community growth once the major revitalization efforts are concluded
  • Judicious utilization & leveraging of grants and loans
  • Provide long-term employment opportunities to low & moderate-income residents & unemployed members of the community

Beech Interplex's Mission

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